I Met Myself in a Dream                                                 Hand embroidery, machine stitch, cotton thread, artist-  dyed cloth, wooden dowel, fishing line                      Approx. 18.5" x 22"                                                                  2018



The inspiration behind my artwork derives from one serendipitous encounter with a longhorn skull peculiarly resting at the foot of my door one summer morning. I do not know how the skull got there, or why it was distinctly placed as if it were peering through my front window. The curiosity continues, and the confrontation unexplainable, leaving the image of the longhorn skull engraved within my mind. It was an unexpected encounter that inadvertently led to self-renewal and has reconstructed my career as an artist.

Close to two years ago, I embraced hand embroidery as my medium of choice. My relation to textile art, a craft tradition that has persisted throughout time, embodies a delicate balance between an undoubted respect of the ancient medium and a modern mark. There is a sense of permanence that exists within the art of textiles as well as skeletal remains that draws me to connect the two.

The stitch marks incorporated into each piece resemble that of a simple drawing, prominently using line work to outline, shade, and illuminate details on the surface of each skull. They are realistic in content and in likeness to actual animal skulls, yet stylistically rudimentary despite the complexity of the stitch work. As of late I am incorporating flowers and trees into the pieces, and embodying the serendipitous encounters that my loved ones have had with creatures in the past, integrating my experience and the experience of others.